Project Pre-trip


This is a fund-raising project that allows people to support my trip to Tokyo by purchasing things that I made.

Looking for a perfect wallet is always a big trouble. Remember the day that my wallet was broken, I was so bothered to find a new one. So I decided to make myself one before I could get one. That makes the concept of “temporary paper wallet” - a pure handmade wallet made with waterproof paper.

Realizing many of my friends and families were facing the same trouble like I was. I decided to introduce this “temporary paper wallet” by this “Project Pre-trip” program. Not only to support a broke designer for her trip but also have a good product for use.

The Postcard

As a reward for backing my trip, I send each of my backers a postcard. Yet, a ready-to-use postcard that could buy from souvenir shops is bored. So I decided to made postcards with different beautiful flyers that I found during my trip.


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