Taipei-based illustrator and graphic designer serving a diverse range of clients including Starbucks and Yamaha, as well as local boutiques, musicians, and art festivals.

Her trademark style incorporates pastel colours, stippled textures, and hard edges, juxtaposing geometric shapes against hand-drawn doodles to create a soft, poetic atmosphere.


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Selected clients include


Le-Young Constration 樂揚建設
Story Studio 故事:寫給所有人的歷史
Seagate Technology 希捷科技
Amora Joint 小聚場
Yamaha Music 台灣山葉音樂
Starbucks 星巴克
Eileen's Farm 艾琳農坊
Finn’s Music Studio 黃士勛音樂教室
Alpha Jade 乾玉新創

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