Flow Apartment
Year of the Rabbit Red Pocket Design

Graphic Design

Client: Flow Apartment

On the occasion of the Lunar Year of the Rabbit, we have designed a meaningful gold coin rabbit red envelope for Flow Apartment, a Taiwanese brand of natural skincare products. The design style is simple and natural, consistent with the brand's environmental philosophy. The main body of the red envelope adopts a simple geometric circle, accompanied by a cute white rabbit pattern, symbolizing inclusiveness and returning to the original intention, starting the new year with a pure heart.

In the design, we specially use bright orange circles to represent good luck and prosperity, and scatter eight gold coins in a subtle way to convey the necessary New Year's blessing of "getting rich." In the negative space inside the gold coins, shiny patterns are used to echo the brand name and design concept of "Glow with the flow" on the bottom of the red envelope, perfectly integrating the brand name and design concept. We hope that friends who receive the Flow Apartment Rabbit Year red envelope in the new year can shine even brighter.

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