Quelques Pâtisseries
Year of the Rabbit Wrapper Design

Packaging Design

Client: Quelques Pâtisseries 某某。甜點

In order to create a New Year’s gift box for Quelques Pâtisseries, we put together a collection of seasonal imagery like oranges for good luck, apples and vases for peace and prosperity, and a bottle with double handles symbolizing abundance. Of course, we also included traditional symbols of the New Year such as coins and gold ingots. Additionally, we incorporated Quelques Pâtisseries’s delicate French pastry elements into the design. To finish it off, we added a rabbit, this year’s zodiac sign, looking up toward the sky. Voilà! It’s full of joy and good fortune.

The printing process used thick cardstock with deep, bright reds and a warm texture. We used full-page laser foil and special graphic treatment to give the design a three-dimensional look. We hope that your Quelques Pâtisserie gift box will shimmer like a box of jewels throughout the whole year.

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