Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林
述夏森活 Summer Event

Graphic Design

Client: Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林

On this summer's day, I’m invited by the well-known retreat in Taiwan - Lavender Cottage, to design the main visual for the summer event, "述夏森活".  This design concept focuses on the joy of family bonding and gatherings of friends, creating a vibrant and verdant summer journey. 

What are the colors of Lavender Forest in summer? The delicate pink of sage, the lush green of herbal plants, complemented by the sunlit white and the golden hues sprinkled upon the land by the warm rays. Adorable little animals join the journey, exploring the forest alongside the travelers.

 I hope that all the participants of "Forest Living" can feel the healing power of nature. May this be a journey of rejuvenation and a connection with the natural world.

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