Indigenous Aromatics Flyer Design

Graphic Design

Client: CANJUNE 肯園

In 2018, I was invited to design a product catalogue for CANJUNE, an upscale brand of essential oils and botanical extracts.

For their “Indigenous Aromatics” product line (在地香氛), CANJUNE formulated seven different fragrances using plant species indigenous to Taiwan, each one inspired by a “solar term” of the Chinese calendar.

The final catalogue, presented here, combines the “solar term” concept with some of Taiwan’s best-known geological landmarks, by way of their corresponding microclimates. Floral patterns, featuring the source plants for each particular fragrance, are interwoven with the landscape. The colour palette is soft and pastel, but hard edges create sharp contrasts between them to add a sense of layered depth to a flat, almost scrapbooked aesthetic. The seven distinct, “seasonal” color palettes echo the diversity of Taiwan’s geography and climate, hinting at the ephemeral moment evoked by each fragrance.

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