Forest Map 身林地圖《CANJUNE 肯園 x The Forest BIG 勤美學森大 》

Graphic Design

Client: CANJUNE 肯園

CANJUNE invited me to design a workshop handbook for their collaboration with The Forest BIG. The workshop, titled "Forest Map," is a meditation course held in Maoli, Taiwan.

The course is divided into 11 modules, each taking place in a different location that represents a metaphorical body part. To convey this concept, I decided to create an abstract map depicting a genderless figure lying in a garden of flowers.

The handbook serves as a guide for participants and includes information about each location, along with illustrations that complement the overall aesthetic of the project. By using a genderless figure, the map transcends any particular identity and promotes inclusivity and universality, inviting all participants to connect with their bodies and the natural world around them.

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