AOI Cassette Tape Visual Design
新年冬新希望 A Bad Hair Year

Graphic Design

Client: aoi 青虫

I was invited to develop a visual concept and design for Taiwanese indie rock band AOI's 2022 single, “A Bad Hair Year”. The track explores themes of renewal and the possibilities of a new chapter in life, but also the disappointment of promises unfulfilled and dreams unrealized.

The main element in the design is a flower blossom—a symbol of good fortune traditionally associated with Chinese New Year. But what of the song's darker side?

Where bold, bright reds signal the wishes of joy and prosperity over Chinese New Year, this flower blossom is set against a background of black. This juxtaposition—a good omen overlain over a bad one—produces a kind of visual irony to capture the song's theme of the tension between expectation and reality.

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