2020 Red Pocket Design

Graphic Design
Print Design

Client: Le-Young Construction

We were commissioned by a construction company to design their 30th anniversary commemorative red packet series, which consists of two versions. The design concept is based on classic architectural forms, using geometric lines and color blocks to interpret the appearance of buildings. The bright Pantone colors add a lively atmosphere to the red packets, in addition to the traditional festive red color. Furthermore, the use of gold foil for the color blocks and lines makes the overall red packets appear more luxurious and classic.

The back of the red packets also features full-page architectural patterns, and a special design for the fold of the red packets, which breaks away from the usual red packet folding style. This design presents a limited yet classic style to the overall design.

This series of red envelopes has two different versions

version 1


Details of Version 1

Details of Version 2

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